To say the Internet is tomorrow’s retail marketplace today is to understate the obvious and risk minimizing the importance of a multi-billion dollar marketplace.

Global TV Concepts years ago recognized consumers’ embrace of online shopping. Our online marketing department is staffed by a team that does nothing else by pursue online sales and ecommerce traffic.

On a product-by-product basis, we carefully evaluate each item we bring on to market and determine the best channel for marketing and distribution. For some products – especially those destined for television – we create a dedicated website. Some receive aggressive mass email marketing support. All products that hit the online realm enjoy search engine optimization that maximizes exposure across the Web. All web traffic is analyzed to identify visitor and marketing trends – and ways to improve performance.

Social media also plays an important role in Global TV Concepts’ online and Internet strategy. Along with the company itself, products have dedicated social media sites – like Facebook and Twitter. Content is blogged on Videos produced for commercial and infomercial distribution are posted, tagged and shared from YouTube and other social video channels.

This “cross pollination” of web-based and social media marketing ensures a confluence of growing Internet search awareness – resulting in even greater visitor traffic.

You won’t hear executives at Global TV Concepts say the Internet is tomorrow’s retail marketplace. We’ve known that long enough to help make it the multi-billion dollar marketplace it is - today.


We Bring Success through Innovation

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